Registration Form Disclaimer:

As the parent/guardian of the child named above, I consent to my child’s participation in Franklin County Youth Lemonade Festival (FCYLF). I understand that FCYLF is a family event, and I agree that I (or another responsible adult that I approve) will assist and supervise my child. I understand that the organizers of  FCYLF are not and will not be responsible for supervising my child. I also understand that certain municipalities may have certain health and safety requirements so that my child can participate in FCYLF.


Photography/Videographer Disclaimer:

I agree to release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the organizers of FCYLF and anyone associated with it or FCYLF from any and all claims. I also give FCYLF permission to use the completed audio-visual and print products for FCYLF promotional purposes without compensation or remuneration to me in any manner. FCYLF will not charge or assess me any fees or service charges for my voluntary participation in this audio-visual product production. Further, I relinquish and give to FCYLF all rights and title to product(s) produced. 

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