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Around Franklin County!






2019 Franklin County Youth Lemonade Festival Stand Location’s (as Reported)


Downtown Area:

Jediah’s Super Lemonade


W. Main Street & 2ndStreet (Hours: 8am to 9pm)



Sarenity’s Sweet Lemonade


E. Livingston & Westphal Avenue (Hours: 10am-7pm)


Taste of HeaVen Lemonade & More by NeVaeh


O’Reilly’s Auto Parts Store, 3075 E. Main Street (Hours: 10am to 2:00pm)


MaKenzie Lemonade Stand


North 17thStreet and E. Long Street (Hours: 12pm to 4:30pm)


Aloni Carter’s Lemonade


3112 Scottswood Road (Hours: 11am to 6pm)


Savon’s Slam Dunk Lemonade


Resch’s Bakery, 4061 E. Livingston Avenue (Hours: 11am to 5pm)


JAG Lemonade


Eddie’s Chicken & Waffle, 3252 Noe Bixby Road (Hours: 11am to 7pm)


Lori’s Lemonade


Scottwood & Crestwood Ave (Hours: 11am to 6pm)


G & G Lemonade


1700 E. Broad Street (across from Franklin Park) (Hours: 1pm to 4pm)





Limit-It-Less Lemonade


Great Eastern Shopping Center (off N. Hamilton in Whitehall) (Hours: 12pm  to 9pm)



Out of this Galaxy Lemonade


Smokey Row & Hard Road (1839 Watertower Dr.) (Hours: 10am to 5pm)


Pegasus Lemonade


Smokey Row & Hard Road (1839 Watertower Dr.) (Hours: 10am to 5pm)


Rainbow Lemonade


Smokey Row & Hard Road (1839 Watertower Dr.) (Hours: 10am to 5pm)


D3 Lemonade Stand


Corner of Innis and Kohr Blvd (by New Covenant Believers Church) (Hours: 11am to 2pm)


Ja’Nya’s Lemonade Stand


Save-A lot Store, 2200 Mock Road (Hours: 12pm to 6pm)


Lemonade Boyz


Save-A lot Store, 2200 Mock Road (Hours: 10am to 6pm)


Chase Hairston Lemonade


2165 Morse Road (Hours: 11am to 1pm)


Liyah’s Lemonade


Kroger—1425 Worthington Centre Drive (Hours: 11am to 5pm)





Carley’s Super Lemonade


Kroger Store--3637 S. High Street (Great Southern Shopping Center) (Hours: 9:30am to 8pm)


Miss P’s Lemonade


Little Village IGA, 704 Parson Avenue (Hours: 11am to 4pm)


Boom’s Lemonade


Southfield Reunion/Marion Franklin Recreation Center—2801 Lockbourne Road (Hours: 12 pm to 7pm)


Lemonade Galore


Infinity General Merchandise (99 Cent Store), 1800 Parsons Ave. (Hours: 11am to 9pm)


Divine Essence


1562 Watkins Road (Milhem Market) (Hours: 10am to 6pm)


Double A Lemonade


1832 Fairwood Ave. (between Moler Road & Smith Road) (Hours: 10am to 6pm)




Halo’s Lemonade Stand


Sams Club, 5870 Sawmill Road (Hours: 11am to 3pm)


Grandview Heights:


Emma’s Lemonade Stand


Pullman Way and Burr Avenue (Grandview Yard) (Hours: 12pm to 2pm)


Canal Winchester:


Destiny & Trinity’s Lemonade


(DeStore) 5273 Gender Road (Hours: 11am to 4pm)  




Massey’s Lemonade Stand


6562 Bennell Drive (Hours: 11am to 7pm)



Riley’s Rockin Lemonade Stand


(BP Gas Station) Corner of Main & Cleveland Ave (Hours:11am to 2pm)



LemonHead Bros


Cigara, 471-I Morrison Road (Hours: 10am to 9pm)


Mariah Diane’s Lemonade Stand


Advance Auto—71 N. Stygler Road (Hours:11am to 2:30pm)


OSU Campus Area:


Sister’s In Action


11thAvenue & High Street (Hours: 11am to 6pm)


Upper Arlington:

Setterlin Lemonade Festival


2525 Lytham Road (Hours: 11am to 6pm)

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