Step#1: Sign-up online for Franklin County Youth Lemonade Festival.  


Step#2: Print your registration confirmation email.

  • Bring a photo I.D. to workshop.

  • Bring email confirmation printout to workshop.


Step#3: Participate in at least one lemonade workshop as listed on the website.

We are offering youth biz lemonade workshops across Franklin County in order to prepare youth for the Lemonade Festival competition. We will have some FUN contests and give-away some great prizes at the workshops!!


Step#4: Attend workshop and get your free yellow backpack full of entrepreneurial information along with your certified lemonade stand permit.

You get your backpack and certified lemonade stand permit when you attend at least one workshop listed on the website. Inside your backpack you will find two booklets (one entrepreneur booklet for the youth and one booklet for the adult who will work with the youth to prepare for Lemonade Festival competition)..…the youth booklet contain 10-steps to starting a business…..the adult booklet contain helpful business plan information and lessons to help the youth. Also, inside the backpack is information related to how to build a lemonade stand, lemonade stand marketing tips, healthy lemonade recipes, public safety and much more.


Step#5: Start building your lemonade stand.

  • You can build your own stand.

  • You can purchase a discounted lemonade stand kit from our partner (Home Depot)—see material voucher inside your yellow backpack, take a copy to designated Home Depot locations.


Step#6: Please check your email.

The “Adult Mentor” (parent, guardian) that register the youth will be asked to provide an email address on the registration form. We will email notices, changes or reminders about upcoming events and any special offers from our partners and sponsors to the registered. Please make sure the email is active.

Step#7: Set up your lemonade stand on - July 13, 2019!!

Once you have worked through your lessons in your backpack booklet and participated in at least one of our youth biz workshops, you’re ready to “open your business”.


You can set up your lemonade stand with proper permission and your stand permit:

  • In your driveway

  • At one of the local parks 

  • One of our sponsor locations (we will email you about any location opportunities)

  • In front of a local business, after you get owner permission


You can run your lemonade stand business from 11:00am to dusk on July 13th ONLY,  you KEEP THE MONEY YOU EARN! We encourage you to open a savings account, buy something for yourself and donate to your favorite charitable organization.

Step#8: Share your business results with us for GRAND PRIZES and GRADUATION participation, share a picture of your lemonade stand, and share any charitable giving stories you may have!!

You will find a “Business Result” form inside your yellow backpack. Please look the form over before Youth Lemonade Festival competition to be sure you’re keeping track of key information.  Fill out the business result form, send your lemonade stand picture and giving story to us before or by July 16th at www.youthlemonadefest@gmail.comfor a chance to win MAJOR GRAND PRIZES at the Lemonade Graduation Ceremony! On July 14th, we want to hear your on-site stories and see your photos so don’t forget to Email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram us with your information!


Step#9: Participate in the “Best Tasting Lemonade Competition”(CASH PRIZES) and Lemonade Family Picnic Day on Sunday, July 14. 


FINAL Step: Attend 6thAnnual Franklin County Youth Lemonade Festival Graduation/Award Ceremony on July 27, 2019, where all youth participants will come together and network, have refreshments, receive participation certificate, GRAND PRIZES and recognition from sponsors, government officials and others. 






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