What is Franklin County Youth Lemonade Festival?


  • Franklin County Youth Lemonade Festival is a free two-day event, for youths ages 5-18 who desire to make some money, learn how to start, own and run their own lemonade business.

  • Youths work with their parents, teachers, business mentors, community leaders and others, through a 10-step guided curriculum that takes them from a “dream to reality”.

  • Through multiple workshops youths are given tips on leadership, management, marketing, finance and sales skills which are needed to run their lemonade business.

  • Youths are taught the E3 business formula: EDUCATE, ENGAGE, EMPOWER.

  • On July 13-14, 2019, youth across Franklin County will unite with a common mindset to build relationships, network and launch successful small lemonade businesses.

  • Youths will access inspiration, education and support from successful business mentors, community and government leaders in our community.

  • Youths learn at the multiple workshops about budgeting, goal-setting, business plan, finding investors, how to build a lemonade stand, food safety, customer service and how to make a profit. Major prizes and yellow backpacks are given away to participating youths.

  • A Franklin County youth entrepreneurship movement creating a generation of young entrepreneurs, reaching over 50,000 middle and high-school students.

The Birth of the

Franklin County Youth Lemonade Festival!


It all started in 2013 after the birth of the National Youth Entrepreneurship Institute, an institute that provides entrepreneurial educational training to middle-school, high-school, first and second year college students. It was through class discussion that the community festival event ……     “Franklin County Youth Lemonade Festival” was born. 


As a result, Franklin County Economic Development and Planning Agency was approached about being the primary sponsor. The agency felt it was a great education, community and small business training idea, the program was presented to the Franklin County Board of Commissioners for approval.


It is clear that if we are to make a significant dent in the spiraling youth unemployment, school disconnect, drop-out rate and youth violence in Franklin County, we need to create an environment which our youth are encouraged and supported in developing their own “job creating enterprises”. Thus, instilling a culture of entrepreneurship through …”a lemonade stand micro-business”.


We hope you will join us as we inspire, educate, connect and enable low-to-moderate income youths from all socio-economic backgrounds to pursue their dreams, give back to their communities and create an income generating activity.

Marilyn Brown


Franklin County Commissioner


2018 Honorary Chairperson 

Curt Caffey


President - NCLI, Inc. 



John O'Grady



Franklin County




2018 Honorary Chairperson

Kevin Boyce



Franklin County Commissioner


2018 Honorary Chairperson

The National CEO Leadership Institute, Inc